Why Coming Club?

 Discover a novel, cost-effective solution for non-stop summertime amusement with our Inflatable Water Slide Membership Program. This innovative membership ensures unlimited access to our premier inflatable water slides over a defined tenure, guaranteeing hours of delightful outdoor activity for your family.

As part of our commitment to offer unparalleled value, we are thrilled to provide members with a substantial 20% discount on all inflatable water slide rentals throughout the membership period. This carefully crafted offer presents a budget-friendly option for families, without compromising on the fun quotient.

However, our value proposition extends beyond just water slides. As a member, you gain complimentary access to our professional-grade marketing materials to bolster the promotion of your events. Additionally, you'll enjoy the privilege of priority booking during peak season and exclusive invitations to our elite sales events.

Are you coordinating a birthday celebration, organizing a family reunion, or simply planning a fun-filled day with friends? Our inflatable water slides, available at your disposal, are poised to elevate your events to a whole new level of excitement.


Why opt for our Inflatable Water Slide Membership Program? The answer is evident. This program presents a harmonious blend of exhilarating entertainment for all ages, competitive pricing, and a suite of benefits such as discounted rentals, promotional support, priority booking, and exclusive event access. 


Maximize the value of your investment and don't let the summer slip away without creating unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Secure your Inflatable Water Slide Membership today and prepare for a season of unparalleled fun and laughter. Your summer adventure awaits!